This property caught my eye in this month's Architectural Digest. An estate in Mexico's Santiago de Querataro, this Mexican palace offers up stunning, I mean STUNNING interiors straight from your dreams. Eye candy, just for you.



Where are you spring? As Portland gets ready for yet another snow storm (seriously?) I find my self craving orange, coral, grapefruit, watermelon and everything in between.  So, bring on the HAPPY!
I've been really into art recently that provides large swaths of color. I figure there is no better way to easily change the mood of a room.  Just pop some art on the wall and voila! A perfect starting point for decorating a room.  This photograph by Steve Back (who is new to me, although I'm sure some of you are familiar with his work) achieves just that.  Can you imagine this photograph paired with these murano glass lamps? Devine.

Of course don't discount the impact of a good nail color (I'm sporting this Essie color now), the right necklace (by Floti), or a fabulously saturated sweater.

Background image by Tracy French.



Steven Gambrel, always a favorite, hits it out of the park with those high gloss walls and his strikingly subtle and bold at the same time color palette. So smart. It creates depth with out jarring contrast. Loving these images together



Before they were silk screens, they were polaroids. 1stdibs is selling a new release of photographs taken by Andy Warhol, and they are fantastic. What is he searching for in a subject and what are they thinking? Are they aware they are in the act of becoming pop art? How did he pick the photographs to become full fledged silk screen paintings?  This is the interesting thing about photography: It is a three-way between you the viewer, the photographer, and the subject. How involved do we get to be? and why am I so intrigued?  I like them as a collection on screen, but in my house I would devote just one to a white wall, it commands that much attention.  That would be if I could cough up the 25 G's.
Yves Saint Laurent, Farrah Fawcett, Bruce Weber, Carolina Herrera



Yo, BRAID FACE! Unearthed this treasure after being inspired by my friend Alison Brislin, who just launched her 2013 Braid Lookbook. She is a master plaiter, plus she can come help you put on a bitchin' braid bash, so fun right? I love the photography and styling, ethereal, vintage, provocative. Not to mention the braids are awesome, and so is she for doing this. High five.  Be sure to check out the rest of the looks on her website, www.alisonbrislin.com.
Braid Face Frame Photograph by Franco Rubartelli for Vogue



Have you seen this shop? Of A Kind features limited edition, up and coming designer goods. Promoting small shops, innovative design, and limited production capability. Sure it's not cheap, but you support an independent designer, and you have some exclusivity here, thats got to count for something right? Not to mention the goods are goood. Take a peek below at some of my favorite things that are available now, and coincidentally look awesome together. NYC, Dallas, San Fran, Portland Maine, it works.
1. Downing Overnight Bag by Ernest Alexander 2. Pyrite Facet Cuff by Kelly Wearstler 3. Garde Jacket by Veda 4. One Four Three Cowl by Jimmy and Maeve 5. Black Diamond Circle Earrings by Mociun



Umm, excuse me? I must have one of these, or one for each cat. Wilson and Lucinda would LOVE these! aaand they are easy on the eyes, unlike many many not so cute cat accessories out there. In fact, they are BEAUTIFUL! Hand felted, and the color is spot on.  Vaiva Nat has got some wonderful handmade items in her shop including these splendid cat beds. I especially like this, and this. I wish she could make one for me to sleep in.

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